The Petersen Module

I have recently been in contact with the Petersen Module team. They have came up with a revolutionary idea that is highly beneficial to both the environment and ecology as a whole. They are developing modular houses, which are based in water and float.

Firstly, this means that there is no destruction of nature such as trees etc. which can have a huge effect on the ecology of an area and therefore it allows for more room on the earth to plant trees and help renew the ‘lungs of the earth’. This also means there is no disturbance to the soil and nature, remains natural; retaining the beauty of the world.

Secondly, on board these modules, they have solar and desalination technologies, this means that it is self sufficient as it achieves electricity from the sun and water from the sea. This is hugely eco and environmentally friendly as it does not need to get electricity from any fossil fuels etc. and instead relies on its own sustainability.

These pods are already available for purchase and they are joinable and stackable but hopefully they will become more popular and common place world wide.

When asked about the project the team said:

“The Petersen Module Floating House is an eco and environmentally friendly, and provides its own on-board sustainable energy and drinking water as a house that floats on water.”

This is therefore a superb idea and could have a dramatic effect on combatting climate change in the future, it is one of many new technologies that are being developed such as a variety of different electric cars and many others, these technologies could be key to saving our beautiful planet.

Why don’t you visit their facebook page? The Petersen Module Team



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2009 seems like a VERY long time ago now, and since then a lot has happened. Avatar, one of my favourite movies of all time, was released way back in 2009 and soon we will be treated to a sequel!

Personally, I think Avatar is far more than just a great movie (although it is that as well), it is an example of how we should live our lives; as with Ey’wa, we should be one with our planet and our environment. Earth should be far more than just the place we live, it should be something we love, cherish and treat with respect.

Also, the beauty of Pandora is breathtaking but there is equally sensational sights on our own planet such as Niagara falls or Myanmar as well as many others, therefore why are we ruining such a beautiful planet?

Should we be more like the Na’vi? Should we love our planet almost as if it is a part of us?

At the moment we are like the humans in Avatar bulldozing down the tree for materials, however we are destroying our OWN planet. But it doesn’t have to be this way!

It’s never too late to try and save our planet. What are you going to do today to do your part?

Don’t you think the bond with Ey’wa is beautiful?

Hopefully Avatar 2 will be just as amazing and inspirational! When your watching it just think about it from the point of view of the Na’vi,  and think about how you could do more for your planet.

Where is the love?

Where is the love for our planet?
Where is the love for each other?

Where is the love for our environment?

Surely now is the time to change. To love. To save our planet. To love each other. Why do we, as humans, harm each other, harm our planet and essentially harm ourselves through climate change.

Where is the love? 

Why don’t you just take five minutes each day to do something to help a friend or even a stranger or instead do something to help the environment?

Maybe you could do a task or a friend who is busy, or you could spend five minutes picking up litter. Every little action can make a huge difference.




Formula E

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With the third season of Formula E starting in October 2016, popularity for the sport is growing.

Formula E is similar to formula one, except for the fact that all the cars are powered by electricity and instead of racing on race tracks, they do so on streets. You might be thinking, ‘so what does this have to do with climate change’. Well…

  • The use of electrically powered cars means that the engineers are developing cleaner and better cars and an electric car uses a renewable power source which therefore means that it does no contribute to global warming as it does not release trapped carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.
  • Also it is raising the publicity of the issue of climate change as it has an ever increasing fan base and people are, as a result, being educated on the problems faded by car pollution.
  • Finally electric cars have been given a huge amount of funding by a variety of different sponsors which means the development of these cars has accelerated and the production of electric cars for every day use should see a steady increase.

Also in this, the third season, a new category has been introduced whereby there is autonomous, electrically powered vehicles and this is the first driverless championship.

Why don’t you watch the new season?

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Recently, we went to an ethical conference with a variety of other local schools. We learnt about a range of different topics ranging from the environment to war and conflict, as well as ethical arguments such as the natural law and situation ethics.

Whilst here we were taught about Legos previous involvement with Shell, and how Shell were drilling oil in the Artic which was having drastic effects on not only the local wildlife but also the polar ice caps themselves. The video above, made by Greenpeace was very powerful, and I think that it captures the reason why the artic is so important.

However, Lego did end its partnership with Shell, and this shows that we can make a difference and one step at a time we can try and reduce the impacts of climate change and hopefully prevent global warming going over the crucial 2 degree Celsius tipping point.

Persistence is key, together we can make a difference!

What are you going to do to #SaveTheArtic?

Our goal!


Recently we were discussing other ways that we could help other than simply raising publicity, and we have set ourselves a goal that we will, through a variety of ways, try and raise £1000 by Christmas in order to help our brothers and sisters overseas who are being most harshly effected by climate change.

So far we’ve managed to raise around £300 through a cake sale and a sponsored race that I ran, however we have a lot further to go. In order to raise more, we have had a few ideas, such as an environmental twist on an ordinary bag pack, creating a tuck shop to sell sweets and popcorn etc., and of course more running!

What are you going to do to make a difference this winter?

If you put your mind to something there is no limit to what you will achieve.

5 easy ways you can help


  1.  Why don’t you walk? Not everywhere, but once a week you could walk or cycle to work or even use a form of public transport. This will not only help to keep you healthy but also help to reduce the massive emissions caused by transport. If your looking for a better alternative you could also invest in an electric car, as this is a very environmentally friendly option.
  2. Turn them off! Wherever possible try to save electricity, turn lights off, don’t leave your phone on charge over night, very small impacts on your lifestyle can have a huge effect on the environment.
  3. Reuse, reduce and recycle. Don’t waste materials that could have a better use elsewhere, try and recycle wherever possible, its a simple action, but if we all do it, it would have a huge effect.
  4. Try and have a greener supply of electricity, you could even simply invest in a solar panel, and this would help resupply electricity to the grid and therefore result in less fossil fuels being used, and a better world for everyone!
  5. Why don’t you get involved? You could do anything from a sponsored run to a battle of the bands, anything you can do will help us battle against climate change and to stop the drastic effects it is having and will continue to have.

If you don’t know what you want to do but you would like to get involved, visit

Please feel free to share what you are doing in order to help, for example Richard grows his own herbs etc. The more you do even small things the better!

Thanks. Be a climate hero!