Solar Roof Tiles!

Image sourced from

Although this roof may simply look like a roof, looks are deceiving, it is actually a new and innovative piece of technology… Solar roof tiles!

This new idea is being developed by Tesla and these ’tiles’ are available in a variety of different designs, and they appear as if they are simply tiles. Due to this aesthetic appeal, the fact that they are much tougher than regular tiles, and that they offer better insulation, this could be the future.

This means that, whilst offering better physical qualities, this product will also help to save the world as it would provide large amount of sustainable energy which could either be resupplied to the grid, or used directly within the house, which would, as a result, benefit society as a whole, the planet as well as the individual user.

Tesla as a company is developing a wide range of products which would benefit society and help to limit climate change, and this includes the power wall 2 battery, which would allow the energy produced by these solar tiles, or even solar panels, to be stored and reused within the house, as a method of powering the house up, and thus limiting electrical bills.

The future is coming.

Could technology be a major factor in limiting climate change?


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