The Petersen Module

I have recently been in contact with the Petersen Module team. They have came up with a revolutionary idea that is highly beneficial to both the environment and ecology as a whole. They are developing modular houses, which are based in water and float.

Firstly, this means that there is no destruction of nature such as trees etc. which can have a huge effect on the ecology of an area and therefore it allows for more room on the earth to plant trees and help renew the ‘lungs of the earth’. This also means there is no disturbance to the soil and nature, remains natural; retaining the beauty of the world.

Secondly, on board these modules, they have solar and desalination technologies, this means that it is self sufficient as it achieves electricity from the sun and water from the sea. This is hugely eco and environmentally friendly as it does not need to get electricity from any fossil fuels etc. and instead relies on its own sustainability.

These pods are already available for purchase and they are joinable and stackable but hopefully they will become more popular and common place world wide.

When asked about the project the team said:

“The Petersen Module Floating House is an eco and environmentally friendly, and provides its own on-board sustainable energy and drinking water as a house that floats on water.”

This is therefore a superb idea and could have a dramatic effect on combatting climate change in the future, it is one of many new technologies that are being developed such as a variety of different electric cars and many others, these technologies could be key to saving our beautiful planet.

Why don’t you visit their facebook page? The Petersen Module Team


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