Formula E

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With the third season of Formula E starting in October 2016, popularity for the sport is growing.

Formula E is similar to formula one, except for the fact that all the cars are powered by electricity and instead of racing on race tracks, they do so on streets. You might be thinking, ‘so what does this have to do with climate change’. Well…

  • The use of electrically powered cars means that the engineers are developing cleaner and better cars and an electric car uses a renewable power source which therefore means that it does no contribute to global warming as it does not release trapped carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.
  • Also it is raising the publicity of the issue of climate change as it has an ever increasing fan base and people are, as a result, being educated on the problems faded by car pollution.
  • Finally electric cars have been given a huge amount of funding by a variety of different sponsors which means the development of these cars has accelerated and the production of electric cars for every day use should see a steady increase.

Also in this, the third season, a new category has been introduced whereby there is autonomous, electrically powered vehicles and this is the first driverless championship.

Why don’t you watch the new season?

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