Recently, we went to an ethical conference with a variety of other local schools. We learnt about a range of different topics ranging from the environment to war and conflict, as well as ethical arguments such as the natural law and situation ethics.

Whilst here we were taught about Legos previous involvement with Shell, and how Shell were drilling oil in the Artic which was having drastic effects on not only the local wildlife but also the polar ice caps themselves. The video above, made by Greenpeace was very powerful, and I think that it captures the reason why the artic is so important.

However, Lego did end its partnership with Shell, and this shows that we can make a difference and one step at a time we can try and reduce the impacts of climate change and hopefully prevent global warming going over the crucial 2 degree Celsius tipping point.

Persistence is key, together we can make a difference!

What are you going to do to #SaveTheArtic?


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