A visit to the European Parliament


A few weeks ago, as part of an enrichment trip we visited Brussels and the European parliament, as well other countries and cities. This was a fantastic opportunity to not only experience different cultures and ways of life, but also learn about a variety of topics.

Whilst we were at the European parliament, we learnt about the electoral process, which is quite different to that used in England, and instead uses proportional representation. At the European Parliament we met one of the MEP’s representing the North East, our local region; Judith Kirton-Darling. This was very interesting and she told us about a variety of different topics as well as life as an MEP.

Climate change is a very important topic within global and European politics at the moment, especially so with the upcoming Climate Change conference in Paris in November 2015. Although this is a huge problem we are facing, there is evidently a strong push for a cleaner and greener world, and the European Parliament is no exception.

However in order for world change we need to start with change on a smaller scale, every action you do will help, and lots of smaller actions will cause a larger action to take place. This is proven by the fact, because of the publics action, Judith, one of Labours European representatives in the North East, has also took action against climate change. Her actions have included trying to maximise the usage of carbon storage within the North East, trying to spread the necessity to stop global warming as well as many other actions. This was very encouraging to hear because it means that people are taking action against climate change and recognizing the threat it poses to the future generations!

Change starts with you. So are you ready to be the change you want to see in the world?

Embrace the challenge!


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