The Great North 5k

great north 5k

I recently participated in the Great North 5k, this is part of a phenomenal weekend in the north east, and was the opening race of a weekend which also included the junior and mini Great North Run, as well as the Citygames, and most famously, The Great North Run which had over 50,000 participants this year.

I decided I wanted to do more than just educate about climate change for CAFOD, and therefore I decided to try and fundraise, I set myself a goal of the Great North 5k this year, and then next year, when I’m old enough, I’ll do the Great North run.

Why don’t you try to fundraise in one of the many races around the country? It was a amazing experience and I’m sure you, like me, will find it great fun. On the day I even met one of my role models Mo Farah, as well as lots of other inspirational people, who were running for a variety of reasons!

I managed to raise around £150 and I will certainly do more fundraising in the future. I strongly encourage you to also fundraise or help in any way you can. It is a lot of fun, and being able to help our brothers and sisters overseas in this way is a truly humbling experience.

If you would like to help but you are unsure what you can do, then simply visit:

Thank you and I hope to see you at the Great North Run next year!


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