Pay it forward!

I was talking to a fellow climate change activist, and we were discussing how getting publicity for the cause was like a chain reaction; I tell you, then you tell someone else, and so on. That got me thinking, what if I could try and cause a larger chain reaction in order to spread the word for climate change and help to get more people acting in order to make the world a better place.

Last year the ice bucket challenge helped to spread the word about ALS and that was a huge success with most of the country participating. One person can make a difference! You can be the superheroes in real life!

Therefore I challenge you to pay it forward, tell three people about climate change and its effects and challenge them to do the same. Many people think that they won’t be able to make a significant difference, however this will enlighten many people as to what climate change is actually causing and how those in poverty are being the most harshly effected, and more importantly than that even, what they can do to help!!

Are you up to the challenge?

If so let the chain reaction begin!



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