Who’s your climate hero?

My climate hero is Martin, he’s a 12 year old boy who lives in Myanmar, he aspires to be a doctor when he’s older! 

His story: 

A few years ago, in Martins area, there was a devastating storm called cyclone Nargis. He and his father managed to survive by seeking shelter in the communities small school. The school somehow managed to hold together through the relentless rain and even at one point a tidal surge. The water in the school had started to rise however eventually it stopped and Martin and his father managed to survive the night. Unfortunately their village had been completely destroyed and there was very little food; they survived by eating wet rice. Overnight the effects had been tragic, 11 people had died in their small village and others had been injured.

How Cafod have helped:

Since the storm hit, Martins village has been helped by one of Cafods partners Caritas Myanmar and now the village is prepared in the case of another cyclone; they practise emergency drills, have a storage to keep their rice dry and they have bags with emergency provisions. Although we cannot say that any natural disaster such as this one is caused by climate change, climate change has caused an increase in the occurrence and severity of these natural disasters, however with your help we can change this!

“Be the change you want to see in the world” Ghandi


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