Project solar!


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It’s summer! The suns out, and the sun is a brilliant source of renewable energy.

Other renewable energy sources include:

  • Wind
  • Ocean
  • Hydropower
  • Biomass 
  • Geothermal resources 
  • Biofuels

These renewable energy sources can be used to produce electricity and can be sustained forever, meaning that less fossil fuels will have to be burned in order to produce electricity, and therefore there will be reduced emission of harmful gases such as carbon dioxide and methane. These gases would cause the earth to heat up and it would, in time, have drastic effects on all of us, however, at the moment it is affecting those in poverty most seriously, and many are struggling to cope with the destruction and chaos that severe weather such as hurricanes is causing, and this weather is made more likely by climate change.

But it’s easy for us all to make a difference; everyone can help, no matter how little or huge the action!

I challenge you to make a difference this summer! Try using a renewable energy source: you could buy a solar panel or, like me, you could build a miniature wind turbine to produce electricity that you can either store or use in order to power an appliance such as a light.

What will you do to save the planet?


9 thoughts on “Project solar!

  1. Equality 333

    Great! In a week when Denmark announce producing 140% of electric for one day by wind amazing advance. But in the UK Cameron and his government cut subsidies for solar power increasing the cost way above affordable !


    1. You’re right, other countries are doing more about this than us! England as a country needs to follow these other countries and become more environmentally friendly, although we only have a small energy consumption in proportion to the whole world, each and every country needs to lower there energy and fossil fuel usage as this will help to save the world and make it a much better place!

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      1. Equality 333

        I totally agree and often write to my MP i am yet to have a response (with the newly elected) but time will tell. The main problem is the media pulling us apart, if people realise we are the same we can move mountains.


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