Pope Francis’ Views on Climate Change


Image sourced from http://pewsitter.com/view_news_id_192311.php

“I don’t know if it is all (man’s fault) but the majority is, for the most part, it is man who continuously slaps down nature … We have, in a sense, lorded it over nature, over Sister Earth, over Mother Earth … I think man has gone too far … Thank God that today there are voices that are speaking out about this.”

Papal Press Conference En Route to Manila January 15, 2015

Pope Francis has decided to take action towards climate change and its effects on nature and people, especially those being most harshly hit, those who are living in poverty, because he believes it is a very pressing issue which needs to be urgently addressed.

But for our actions to help save our planet which God has created, we all need to work together and all help. Even by just doing small acts such as turning off lights and recycling you really will make a huge difference!

Are you up to the challenge?!

The changing climate is having drastic effects already and is making natural disasters more frequent and intense. The Pope has recognized this and after visiting Tacloban, one of the places most heavily affected by Typhoon Haiyan, he decided to try and help and so published a letter focused on climate change, encouraging us as people, specifically Catholics to help.

I, like the Pope, am very passionate about this and urge you to help us save not only our world but our brothers and sisters overseas who are living in poverty and will face the problems that climate change will cause first, however, we will all be effected by climate change. Also as the Pope encourages us, we have a responsibility of stewardship for our earth. After all we are sons and daughters of this planet!

We are destroying it for our future generations!

Is this the legacy we wish to leave?

It’s not fair!

But we can help it!

If you want to help protect our planet and try and stop climate change. Follow Pope Francis and us at CAFOD on twitter as well as many other people trying to make a difference.

For more information at how to help visit








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