What can we do about climate change?

Image sourced from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fossil_fuel#mediaviewer/File:Grangemouth04nov06.jpg by John

We all need to play our part to stop climate change.

Some people argue that they will have a infinitesimally small effect on the Earth’s climate, so why should they do anything about climate change? But they are wrong, everyone would need to act together cohesively in order to force our governments into action. Modern day politicians only do what will get them re-elected, so all the changes they make reflect what the majority of people want. For that reason we need to make people realise the horrendous effect we, as a species,  are having on our environment. Whilst saving electricity and recycling undoubtedly helps the environment, we need to be directly tackling the problem, not limiting the damage. Through recent scientific advancements we can clearly accredit global warming to the burning of fossil fuels,  and hence we must take action. Because of the negligence of the global community, people living in impoverished places are being strongly affected. We have to at least try to reduce the effects of global warming on the world’s most impoverished places, who ironically do the least to cause it. The three main things we can do are:

  • Reduce the amount of Carbon Dioxide emissions, by using our cars less, or by utilising public transport and even better solution would be to walk or cycle
  • Try to reduce the amount of electricity we use, currently as a nation. In 1990 74.5% of our nation’s electricity came from fossil fuels, we cannot as an international community afford to continue to pollute the environment in such of a way.
  • The best thing we can do to combat climate is to pressure the government into investing into sustainable energy sources. There simply isn’t enough fossil fuels to sustain this level of electrical usage, so we either drastically change our lifestyles, or we generate our electricity in other, more environmentally friendly ways.

If more people campaign about climate, the government will start to realise, that a large proportion of the voting populace, want them to take action on climate change. Start campaigning about climate change today, to make a difference before it is too late!


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