21st-23rd January, 2015

When we first arrived at the Othona community, we hadn’t fully realised the scope of climate change. After having done the first activity though we soon became aware of the extent that people in impoverished areas of the world are affected by climate change.
In Bangladesh for example, due to rising sea levels caused by climate change, privately owned land, homes, villages and lives are often lost to floods.
Later on, we Skyped one of CAFOD’s partners centred in Bangladesh to find out more about the effects of climate change on some of the people who CAFOD and it’s partners support overseas. We were told that anyone can help by raising money to build cyclone shelters to protect people who face potential danger.

As young people we think supporting those most severely affected by climate change is very important, but it seems currently that not enough effort is made collectively by everyone to combat the effects.
It’s so easy to play your part in helping to reduce the effects of climate change, it’s as simple as turning off your lights when you leave a room or using a shower instead of a bath.
You could also take your support a step further by going out into your local community, school or workplace and fundraising to help CAFOD and it’s partners overseas.

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